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Claire is a most unusual - in fact unique - finance expert! She combines her vast range of incredible technical skills with an amazing breadth and depth of business acumen. She not only works efficiently and effectively but uses her incisive understanding to bring clarity and direction to the business. But most of all, her charm, and sense of humour are almost unknown in the solemn world of balance sheets!
Business Owner- Portsmouth, Hampshire 


I reached out to Claire when my business just wasn't working, and I was so stressed out! Claire came in and completely changed the way the business works and it is now on the up. Everyone loves coming to work now, including me. I had no idea how beneficial it would be to understand my own accounts, or have regular team meetings. We have new software, a new cloud based accounts process, and most importantly, I now have the confidence I needed to build and grow my business even further.   

Business Owner- Gosport, Hampshire

Having spent time with Claire, she took my dream, identified what was preventing it and then helped me picture it clearly. I have spoken to a few business coaches/consultants but Claire has been one of the only ones who I felt had a genuine inner desire to help her clients. You can clearly see that she gains joy from you doing well. She is the definition of a coach in my opinion. I recommend anybody who has a business to talk to her, whether you're crushing it, doing OK, in a slump, worried about the future or hitting a plateau, I recommend you invest an hour speaking to Claire. She will improve what you currently do. Coaches normally like the sound of their own voice and Claire listens way more than she talks which means you will get what you need by her listening then helping at your own pace. 

Marketing Business Owner- Chichester, West Sussex

I have worked closely with Claire on the same project. She is thorough, conscientious, accurate, caring, full of positivity, ...an absolute pleasure to work with.
Insolvency Practitioner - Chichester, West Sussex

Working alongside Claire, she was honest, fair & understanding when considering personal situations. She has great skills in managing budgets & accounts and was always open to improve IT & HR Functions to move the business forward. Claire brought replaced our outdated accounts programs with Xero, and taught us how to make the most of the reporting to make sound business decisions. The great thing about working with Claire is her attitude. She truly believes business can be fun, and now I believe her! Business Colleague - Portsmouth, Hampshire

I needed to understand why my business wasn’t performing as well as it previously had and whilst I had a good idea why felt I required help in finding the best way to move forward. It was an easy decision to reach out to Claire and I took the first steps in the process with a complimentary review before committing to work with Claire to fix the issues. Claire is very patient and understanding and was able to show me in an easy to understand way what needed the most urgent attention and suggested ways to increase revenue as well as reducing overheads and built a Cashflow Forecast that is easy to understand. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Claire for the professional service that Infinity Business & Financial Solutions provide. Thank you for your advice and for being there to help me make some tough decisions. 

Business owner - Portsmouth, Hampshire

Her supportive approach proved invaluable and her collaborative style made the tasks much easier to perform. Beyond the specific task Claire has a good knowledge of internal systems and compliance reporting. She has a tenacious approach to problem solving, and her people focused approach is infectious.Global Finance Director - New York

We all know that being told we are doing something wrong is always difficult to hear (even when we know what we are being told is correct!). So, it is often the case that it is not what is said that is important but how it is said that makes the difference. Our client told me that although sometimes the discussions were quite challenging (which I might take as meaning “heated), they never felt that you had anything other than their best interests in mind and more importantly no bad feelings at the end of it. Given the work you do with clients I believe this is an excellent skill and one that can only benefit the clients you work with.

Trusted Business Partner - Chichester, West Sussex