Success usually comes to those who know what they want and accept help to get it

Coaching for a better business

I’m not a fan of the “one-size-fits-all” solution; set process is a million miles away from what I want for you and your business. However, I appreciate that a rough guideline covering what you’ll get from working with me is helpful. Each session is bespoke, tailored specifically to you and your business, and designed to cover what we need to do, and how we achieve that.

Essential Outcome

Let’s get started.


We’ll focus on gaining clarity and on what you want to achieve. This session provides the opportunity for a candid look at both you and your business, where you are now, where you want to be, what works and what doesn’t. We’ll thrash out those ‘pain points,’ the things you dislike or have the biggest issue with, review your pricing, and go through what a ‘normal’ day looks like for you.

At the end of this session, we will have created a starting list of action points, prioritised them, and formulated the clear next steps needed for working on your business.


3-4 hours - £299


Premium Outcome

Essential Outcome Session PLUS.


The additional time allows a more in-depth look at your business. In addition to everything covered in the Essential Outcome Session, we’ll test your current business model for profitability and highlight areas for improvement. We’ll also create a first draft cash flow forecast to give you a better perspective on your business and discuss how the changes you implement will impact the money you will both make and save.

At the end of this session, you will have a better understanding of your business model as well as a starting list of actions, clearly prioritised. Our goal is to agree, and put into place, those steps for moving your business forward.

7-8 hours - £559

& Coaching

For focus, accountability, and support.


Regular sessions, following on from either of the Outcome Sessions, to keep you focused and on track. The accountability is intentional and designed for you to build momentum in actioning your ‘to-do’ list. On a fortnightly basis, we will review what you’ve been working on, discuss any issues that may have come up, any challenges you may have faced, and agree on tactics for streamlining and improvement.

Together, we will work on solutions and refine your ‘to do’ list.


3 months - £840
Up to 4 hours per month

6 months - £1680
Up to 4 hours per month

12 months - £3360
Up to 4 hours per month


Business Review

Getting you back on track


If you’re struggling with the direction your business is taking, confused about what to do next or where to focus your attention, then let’s discuss a business overhaul designed to get you back on track. In a one-to-one session tailored specifically to you and your business, I can look at what’s needed to ensure a rational change of course to address the problems we identify.

Price dependent on your business -
let's talk

Interim Finance Director

Finance support on your terms


If you’re looking for an experienced Board level Finance Director, then look no further. I can work alongside you on either a temporary or part-time, fixed-term basis, for as long as need me to.

I’ll support you and your team with the sound advice needed to help make confident decisions that are best for your business.


Price dependent on your business -
let's talk


Leadership Coaching

For the team of the individual


Whether you’re a Senior Management team looking for an objective insight on strategic focus, or you’re going it alone and need direction, we can work together to ensure you have clarity on how to achieve those objectives. Leadership comes from the top down, influencing everyone you work with; there’s no better investment you can make for both yourself and your business.

Price dependent on your business -
let's talk

With the right knowledge and ideas,
the possibilities are INFINITE!


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