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Introducing NLP

Neuro Linguistic Programming could be described as the art and science of using your mind to achieve specific and desired results. NLP offers a range of different techniques and tools that can help you model (watch and learn from) successful people and achieve excellent results more quickly.


Is to do with the neurology and how information from our senses is processed internally.


Is to do with language and how we communicate experiences to ourselves and others.


Is to do with the internal strategies and steps we use to achieve specific results.

NLP is both an art and a science. The science deals with how your mind really works and the art is a set of powerful techniques and principles you can us to create whatever mindset, habits or behaviours you want. This makes it a very powerful form of therapy, as a change is often immediate. What would be wonderful is if we were allowed to program our own minds from birth, choosing what we’d like to have as our values and what beliefs would serve us. Since that’s not possible, NLP is the next best thing, since it’s the art and science of reprogramming your mind to best serve you.


About Claire

Claire is hugely passionate about personal and business development. The business development came first, where Claire spent more than 20 years employed in finance-based roles working up to Head of Finance at a multimillion recognised trade company. During this time Claire built teams and profits, reduced overhead and streamlined processes, implemented new systems and procedures and played a board level role in making decisions to build and grow the business, utilising her experience and Chartered Accountancy qualification.

Since Claire always loved working with people, the introduction to NLP back in 2014 brought huge benefits to her team.

NLP can help with a wide range of issues, including;

-anxiety and overwhelm, lack of confidence and self-esteem

-beliefs that are holding you back in work and life

-unwarranted emotions, causing upset and disruption

-unwanted behaviours you'd like to remove or change

For more details on NLP coaching please visit www.claire-byrne.co.uk

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