Clear, straightforward business advice, because business can be complicated

Hi, I'm Claire Byrne

In a nutshell, I love nothing more than troubleshooting, solving problems, and streamlining processes for small business owners like you. I’m a firm believer in making things as simple as possible; business is tough enough without overcomplicating things.

I am a qualified and experienced Financial Director and Business Strategist with over 20 years of experience in getting the best out of people to help businesses like yours, succeed. I’m also an NLP Master Practitioner and coach and firmly believe that clear, straightforward business advice and support works alongside getting to know the person behind the brand.

Let’s call it numbers meets neurons if you like!

A healthy balance of knowledge and passion results in a business that not only grows but thrives. I can help get results for every business owner willing to put in the work, and I’m right there by your side to help steer you through.

It’s not all work - I love the great outdoors, walking, running, my vegi plot, the beach, my motorhome (preferably at the beach), the perfect mug of mint tea, and my family. Summers spent with disabled adults at Pathfinders Camps have given me an extended family through the brilliant friendships I’ve made there.

My Values

Our core values help identify us, make us who we are, and run through our DNA. They come through in everything we do and they’re important attributes to getting it right. Here’s mine - click on each icon to read more.

Infinity Business and Financial Solutions - Integrity

Oh, and did I mention integrity? You might expect that to be a given, but I’ve worked with enough people over the years to know that’s not always the case so, yes, let’s add integrity to the list.


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