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Welcome to Infinity Business & Financial Solutions

Coaching for You & Your Business

As a sole trader or business owner, you are the CEO, Head of Finance, Sales Director, Marketing Manager, Operations Co-ordinator, and Tea Boy (or girl).

You've got a lot on your plate!

To add to the list, you could well be suffering the dreaded imposter syndrome; far more common than you think, and responsible for holding back many a good business. Here at Infinity, my job is to give you the confidence and know-how to improve the bottom line by removing that inner conflict and relieving some of the pressure.

As a qualified Finance and Business Strategist, with 20 years of experience in managing teams, I’ve helped steer business owners in the right direction to increase profit, streamline solutions and better manage both themselves and their employees.

Understanding what makes you tick means we get to the bottom of the problem, fast.

Welcome to Infinity Business and Financial Solutions
Claire Byrne Infinity Business Financial Services

Business consultancy is a value-add investment in both you and your business and there are often difficult decisions to be made. The better equipped you are to make them (and my job is to help you with that), the more likely you are to succeed.

I work with an individual approach to review your current business model, remove what doesn’t work, keep what does, and re-focus on the specifics. I don’t advocate the one-size-fits-all solution; your business is as individual as you are so, whether it’s finance, accounting, HR, payroll, logistics, or operations that you’re struggling with, we’ll tailor a plan to fit.

When you work with me, you’re not on your own. Through a combination of consulting and coaching, and with the right knowledge and ideas, the possibilities are infinite.

We might even have some fun along the way!

Head over to my services page to find out more.

Or contact me for a no obligation chat.

You never know… I might just change your life!


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Business Review

Infinity Business and Financial Services - Business Review

If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable coach to work with, then Claire is the person I'd highly recommend. Her friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about her.
Julia Britten - JBS


My business was struggling and I was very much in need of a professional, straight talking business advisor to help me understand what was going wrong. My route to managing a company started with a typical progression, from working on the tools to running a small business, with a steep learning curve in between.
I decided to ask Claire for help and knew straight away that it was the best decision. Claire has a calming approach and in a short time helped to implement new processes and financial analysis to help implement changes going forward.
My previous company has now closed, but I still have the help and support that I need as a sole trader, and continue to work with Claire from time to time.
From my experience, I’d highly recommend Infinity BFS to any business owners or sole trader needing advice and guidance with any aspect of running their company.
Alan Kemish - Alan Kemish: Plumbing, Heating & Fires

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Claire is a fantastic business coach who picks up on important details during conversations and really makes you think about reasons and outcomes. Claire is extremely professional yet friendly, expert in many fields related to business and behaviour which obviously makes her an amazing guide. Also running her own business as well, I trust Claire even more as I know she is not just theorising, but has experienced challenges herself. Trust is the first word that comes to my mind when I think of Claire and that is very important to me.
Lora Couzens

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Claire is an amazing business coach. She challenges in a professional way and offers pearls of wisdom when needed. I have benefitted tremendously from our interactions and I totally recommend that if you need business advice - get in touch with Claire. She is amazing. Thank you.
Jo Taylor

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Many business owners are great practitioners of their craft but perhaps their skills will not stretch to how to run their business efficiently.
They may be asking themselves
• Why do I never have time?
• Why do I work longer hours than those who work for me?
• We’re doing well, so where’s the cash?
• Will I be able to buy that bit of equipment next year?
People like that would benefit from a third party giving them an objective view on their business.
Every day they delay it is costing them time & money, strangely an initial meeting with Claire Byrne costs nothing.
Book an appointment with Claire, I did and didn't regret it.
Paul Beard