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Empowering you and your business

Combining consultancy with coaching

Positive changes for you and your business

Empowering your business

It doesn't have to be stressful, running a business.

As the key decision maker, you need someone turn to for advice and support. Someone you can talk to about new ideas and making positive changes.

If you’ve been running your business for a while, you will have realised by now that it’s not all about your favourite bits, and it certainly isn’t always a smooth ride.

I created this business to help business owners just like you

Whether you’re a trade who’s come off the tools to build a business, or you’re a third-generation owner who’s inherited their current empire, there is much I can offer in terms of business advice, experience and support.

As an employee, when you’re not happy about your work situation, you can go and find another job. As the owner of a business, you don’t have that luxury! What you have instead, is the opportunity to bring in a business consultant with a fresh perspective, who will work with you to solve your problems, and breathe new life into your business – and don’t forget, make you richer in the process.

Would you like to have confidence in your decisions and make impactful and positive changes so you and your business can thrive?

I am a business consultant and coach bringing together the support and accountability of a coach, with experience and business acumen to bring sound business advice. As a Chartered Accountant, with more than 20 years of experience in business and accounting, and love nothing more than using my skills to help business owners, like you, thrive. If you're struggling with your business, it comes down to either a technical or an emotional obstacle. I am there to get you through both.

Business consultancy is a value-add investment in both you and your business. Please contact me for more information, but be prepared, I just might change your life.

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